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Dear Friends:

Just a quick update. If you like side projects, this is your year:

Lester is staying crazy busy producing and engineering at Ol Elegante, right here at VW HQ in Homewood, AL. Les and his wife also just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family. Congrats!

Keelan and his wife have a beautiful, sturdy (and quite possibly bearded) baby boy on the way (just a couple more months). Keelan is also keeping busy, sitting in on bass with a couple folks, and of course… building, remodeling, beautifying, and fortifying ever what needs it.

Wes and Jake started in case you need to get your e-cig on. Also, Wes is rocking Terry Ohms and Them ever when possible. Wes (Terry) is on drums. Catch this show. You will be rocked.

Also, Jake is selling an iPhone dock of his own creation at in case you need to rock out with your dock out.

Stay tuned for more VW news as the future unfolds (it always does).

We here at Vulture Whale wish you and yours the absolute best.

We’ll talk to yall.

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