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Like a dang phoenix, Vulture Whale rose from the ashes of its previous incarnations, and morphed into the best American band pretending to be a British band influenced by American music since Guided By Voices. On Bamboo You, the group's new EP and its third release since its inception, Vulture Whale combines its unique brand of eccentric rock with its love of British music. The result is six songs that are among some of the best and most inspired of any in the Vulture Whale catalog.

On Bamboo You, Vulture Whale's vocalist — whose lyrics are always somehow both humorous and casually profound &mdash sings with a playful, faux British accent that is as entertaining as it is inauthentic. When McDonald sings, “She went on and just stripped me for parts / at least she let me keep my guitar,” the combination of redneck philosophy and a quasi-Cockney accent is (surprisingly) nothing short of a revelation.

The concept for the project is not exactly new: Mick Jagger sang in an American accent on numerous Rolling Stones' albums, and The Kinks interpreted Americana on their classic Muswell Hillbillies album. But despite the role playing and the subtle musical allusions to classic rock and Brit pop bands, Vulture Whale's personality shines through, and the band's charm congeals all of its influences into one solid and original artistic offering that is just plain fun to listen to.

Bamboo You is the bastard child of the band's own musical influences, and is one of the best and most original recordings so far this year. God save Vulture Whale.

- John Seay

Tracks and Credits

1.) Greatest Night
2.) Let's Get On With It, Then
3.) The Pipe
4.) Plam! I Love You
5.) Amerikerr
6.) I'm So Sorry

Made by Vulture Whale
Mastered by Daniel Farris
Photography and Design by Brandon Brown and Jason Hamric
ASCAP Galore City 2010
Released on Skybucket Records
Website by Milton Brian Jones

Vulture Whale History

After playing together in Wes McDonald & the Fizz, Lester Nuby (of Verbena), Keelan Parrish, Jake Waitzman, and the band's fearless leader, Wes McDonald, decided to convert the power structure of the group from a monarchy into a true democracy. Legend has it the band settled on its new name after guitarist Nuby dreamed of a vulture sitting on top of a guitar, eating a whale. Out of such fevered visions, Vulture Whale was born.

The group hails from Birmingham, Alabama, where in 2007 it released its first self-titled album. So pleased was the band with its debut statement, it decided to release another self-titled album in 2009.

Vulture Whale 1 and Vulture Whale 2 are available for purchase on the Merch page of

Vulture Whale 1
Vulture Whale 2

For more information, press requests, etc., please visit the Contact page of

28 Responses to “Bamboo You”

  1. lee says:

    I honestly cannot believe that Seay stole my thunder and wrote, “God Save Vulture Whale.”

    Actually, I can. He’s a brilliant bastard, that one.

  2. Dave says:

    I say dear old chaps – whoop it!

  3. Julie says:

    i may actually come see you guys play 11/6 at schubas. like the stuff…..

  4. sean says:

    this thing is great…even better than semi-tough!

  5. Caleb P. Rose says:

    ARKANSAS!!!! Is this one of those times when it is appropriate to say “represent”?!?!

    Regardless of whether we win the contest, you all should come play a free show in Arkansas anyway! We are good beeble!

  6. Daaaaavid says:

    Fabulous, as always.

  7. Travis Hill says:

    Caleb is correct. Arkansas is where it be. Bring it on back!

  8. Donny says:

    Ya gived it to me fer free. Now put this EP on vinyl so I can buy it!

  9. corey flegel says:

    Thanks a lot, boys…I give you all hugs next time I see you. Now, like Donny said, get crackin’ on the vinyl for this thing!

  10. […] Vulture Whale is getting into the spirit of giving early, by featuring a free download of their brand new EP Bamboo You on their site.  You just need to sign up for their mailing list (so the band can fill you in on all the oodles of fun they’ve been up to) to download the EP.  Go their site now to check out this lively band in action. […]

  11. Tualla says:

    Thanks you fine fine people.

  12. shawn says:

    fuckin’ hell.

    another rekkerd so soon? and what the crap? its not titled vulture whale?

    anyway… i’mma download it right now. and if its half as good as that shit hot show in nashvillage, then i’m gonna blow my brains out after i listen to it.

    then i’m gonna listen to it again.

    so there it is.

  13. Buzz says:

    crackin’ good, methinks…

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  15. Farley says:

    Wow, very cool…

  16. Greg says:

    Thank you for putting a Google Translate on this page. I changed it over to German and can now read it very much. Thank you.

  17. man, i sure do preeshiate you boys making all this hot roddin music fer so long. ya’ll mean the life to me.
    Roll God Damn Tide!

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  19. […] Download their new EP, Bamboo You, for free! […]

  20. […] (Kindercore) Vulture Whale – Bamboo You (EP; physical release; Skybucket) • download: digital version of album (e-mail required) Various artists – “Crazy Heart” soundtrack (with new songs from […]

  21. james says:

    hello all

  22. […] Vulture Whale rolled into town in support of there new album Bamboo You. […]

  23. James says:

    I can’t stop listening to Bamboo You! Thank you fellas. I will donate as soon as I get paid!

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Press Reviews

"I picked this band's debut album as one of the best records of 2009. Then there's this amazing EP. Vulture Whale are the best new band of 2009, it's official."
— Berkeley Place

"For their latest EP, Bamboo You, they've donned their best British accents striking a delightfully wry note. It's no joke, though—what could be a risky gimmick that they execute with precision, proving you don't have to sound serious to mean something."

"Alabama's Vulture Whale features the band singing in fake British accents? I'm surprised how fast I forgot about the whole "concept" of it and got lost in how great of a knock off it really was."
— Stranger Dance

"The six-song set is an homage to British rock 'n' roll and even goes so far as to have frontman Wes McDonald singing in a faux British accent throughout. The premise might sound cheesy but actually the idea works out nicely."
— Campus Circle

"And if they can take what they've learned from the EP (Bamboo You) and build on what they did on the LP, the sky's the limit."
— QRO Magazine

"The songs are nervy post-Seinfeld punk, small moments (like having to wait on some slowpoke to get ready to go out for the night) blown up into absurd drama, propelled by a taught guitar squall."
— American Songwriter

"Vulture Whale may be the best rock band you haven't heard. Following two excellent self-titled records, Bamboo You is another solid installment from these Alabama rockers and shifts gears, if only slightly for the band. Frontman Wes McDonald and his crew have mastered the sort of rock music you might have heard on Matador in the mid-'90s, but the band imbued it with its own southern shuffle."
— PopMatters

"Bamboo You, the group's latest EP is simply fun, fun, all the way through. Yes, there are raw, guttural guitars and a rhythm section holding down beats that get the hips shaking of their own volition. Yet, the British affectations lend themselves to a style of singing and playing around with words that couldn't be pulled off otherwise. I mean, lyrics like 'I'd like to do it but I'm still kind of new at it' just wouldn't work the same way in a southern accent."
— Pavo

"Enthrilling, exciting, rockn'rollish...this should be an instant 'britpop'-collectors item, if you ask me. Thousands of references."
— Ederblog

"Birmingham, Alabama's eccentric rockers Vulture Whale not only cranked out their Bamboo You EP, but truly morphed into a legitly tasteful pretend British band influenced by American music (think Guided By Voices). All six songs waver between humorous and deeply inspirational, complimented by frontman Wes McDonald's entertaining faux British accent."
— The KEXP Blog

"For the six songs on Bamboo You, Vulture Whale combines its brand of eccentric rock with its love of British music like The Stone Roses, Blur and The Smiths, as well as classic British rock bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones."
— Goldmine

"Vulture Whale music is rock and roll embodied. I can see these guys inspiring mosh pits across the spots they play and having droves of groupies. The music is energetic, drop kick you in the mouth, jagger-ish vocals set to a dazzling and sweetly created noise bubble with just enough of that punk angst."
— Loudvine

"The band's energy is shown in its light-hearted humor and witty banter — Wes (McDonald) insists he uses a vacuum as his main musical inspiration. The cheery quartet is known for putting on shows that leave everyone — including themselves — happy."
— The Red and Black (Athens, GA)